What We Do

  • Factual Research and Documentation about Patients and Health Workers’ Rights Violated thus Concomitant facts and the best working tool to advocate for their rights and better health service delivery in Uganda.
  •  Popularization of Patients and Health Workers Local/International Rights plus Laws that protect them. We shall effect this through Radio Programs in Local Languages, TV Shows, Health Camps, Social Media Networks, Interface Civic Education Outreaches etc to empower even the most grassroots members demand better health services and seek justice themselves in case of violence.
  •  Roundtable Amicable Dialogues with the State Stakeholder Authorities, other Human Rights Activist Organizations, Religious Leaders, Donor Representatives and the Victims to redress Patients and Health Workers’ Rights Violated.
  • Litigation against Patients and Health Workers rights violated.
  • Organizing Health and Legal Events, Public Debates, Direct Visits to the Concerned Offices to Challenge Government to implement its NDPS (National Development Plans), Constitution, International Laws and MDGS (Millennium Development Goals) Pertaining Health Rights of Patients and Medical Workers.
  • Empowering Health Workers and Patients through Lobbying Local and International Donors’ Funds to close the open gaps in Medical Supplies and Infrastructure as well as empowering us Enforce Laws against poor service delivery.
  •  Networking with other Legal, Health and Human Rights Activist Organizations for Knowledge and Resource Sharing hence better Advocacy because “Together is Better than Alone”
  •  Advocating for sexual and reproductive health rights.
  •  Challenging negative norms that harass women sexually and undermine them socially, economically and politically.