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“Justice for all”

EPHWOR featured on NBS TV for its role in helping AGYW access birth control pills under their project “We bring it to your door”

EPHWOR team following the lockdowm to combat the spread of COVID-19 with suspension of both public and private transport leading to the increasing number of adolescent girls and young women failing to access SRHR and other health services. EPHWOR started a project called “We Bring it to Your Door “ under which it has been able to help very many young women and girls in delivering birth control pills and other drug refills for those that have chronic illnesses including the HIV patients. We appreciate all our partners for making this possible during this lock-down.

EPHWOR Rescues Vulnerable Rural Women With ARV Refills And Contraceptives

As a result of this dire situation, a Non-government Organisation (NGO) called Enforcement of Patients and Health Workers Rights (EPHWOR), is taking family planning services and monthly refills for ARVs, cancer drugs and other medications to vulnerable women and girls in the districts of Ibanda, Mbarara, Buhweju, Sheema and Isingiro. The exercise was started after members of EPHWOR observed that with the lockdown in the wake of COVID-19 and suspension of transport means most women had started missing their family planning pills and other monthly refills like ARVs and much more.But now that EPHWOR has started the noble duty of doing door-to-door deliveries of these essential drugs, women and adolescent girls in Ibanda, Mbarara, Buhweju, Sheema and Isingiro districts have a reason to smile during this COVID-19 lockdown because of the offer made by the NGO.

Discovering how COVID-19 is spread

watch the video above to discover how COVID-19 is spread through out the globe.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is Corona Virus Disease 2019, a new virus that affects the mucus membrane that spreads so fast through droplet infection especially in crowded places and causes illness.  It is spread from person to person through sneezing or coughing (droplet infection), human to human contact and contact with contaminated surfaces.

Signs and symptoms of COVID-19 include:

  • Fever
  • Running Nose (flu)
  • Cough
  • General Weakness
  • Difficulty in breathing if the patient develops pneumonia

At this time, there are no specific vaccines or treatments for COVID-19. However, there are many ongoing clinical trials evaluating potential treatments.


EPHWOR Skilling in Partnership With Mbarara Skilling Youth Initiative.

Mbarara Skilling Youth Initiative supported by EPHWOR trained over 100 Women and girls in various hands on and skilling courses like hair dressing, baking, tailoring to mention a few. These hands on courses empower women and girls to find employment and also start income generating activities. We appreciate Mbarara Skilling Youth Initiative that has empowered vulnerable women and girls in western Uganda.

World AIDS Day in Ibanda

Together with our partners, Mbarara Corporate Club (MCC), Mbarara Skilling Youth Initiative (MSYI) and Panadol Foundation, we joined the people of Kihani in Ibanda to commemorate World AIDS DAY as a continuation of 16 days of activism against Gender based violence. We managed to do HIV counseling and testing, conducted a training on Gender based violence and Sexual  Reproductive Health and Rights awareness, provision of dental services and oral health education to women and girls. Over 195 were reached during the celebrations.

EPHWOR’s partnership with Mbarara Corporate Club

Ephwor was represented at the end of year dinner of Mbarara Corporate Club.We appreciate the strategic partnership of Mbarara Corporate Club (MCC) in the advocacy, awareness and empowerment of Women,girls and youth of western Uganda about their Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights.We look forward to foster our working relationship and partnership to advance, advocate and enforce the rights of the voiceless women and girls in 2020.

EPHWOR featured on TV West for its impeccable work in Western Uganda.

EPHWOR, under the Stand Tall against Patients and Women Rights Violations project in western Uganda, moved around the districts of Sheema, Ibanda, Bushenyi and Mbarara. The team headed by our Medical Legal consultant Dr Amon Aruho Kategaya ,carried out various trainings educating women about their social and reproductive health rights.

The Kiconco Case “Medical Negligence by Health Workers”

EPHWOR sued Sheema District Local government and Sheema Municipal Council for violation of patients’ rights in Kiconco Faridah Vs Sheema district and Sheema municipal council. Results indicate that EPHWOR’s Litigation has ended Sheema Municipality to appeal for Mediation accepting to provide Kiconco to avail funds for treatment. This is a positive impact and other Health Workers throughout the Country have started taking extra care on women patients.

Understanding doctor-patient relationships with EPHWOR

It is equally important for a patient to give full medical records to the physician or doctor as it is important for the doctor/physician to maintain the confidentiality of the records given unto him by a patient. This is very important, because it helps the physician in diagnosis of the patient to avoid misdiagnosis or providing wrong medication due to incomplete information.

Understanding your sexual and reproductive health rights with EPHWOR

EPHWOR’s Medical legal consultant, under the stand tall against patients and women rights violations project, explains that when your sexual and reproductive health rights are violated by a medical worker, they can be sued and held liable for their actions in courts of law.