Success Stories

EPHWOR preventing unintended pregnancies

At least 64 percent of rural women in Uganda have experienced a problem accessing health care when they are sick, according to USAID. When both public and private transport were suspended in the wake of COVID_19, it became more difficult to access family planning services and other monthly drugs for chronic illness like HIV/AIDs. With surging rates of unwanted pregnancies and Sexually transmitted diseases, EPHWOR has been running a project called door to door delivery of family planning services in western Uganda districts of Ibanda,Mbarara, kiruhura, Kazo, Rwampara, Sheema, Bushenyi and Buhwenju with over 300 women reached.

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The Kiconco success story

It all begun on the 16th March 2011, when kiconco Faridah a resident of Rwengando Parish kiziba Kagango Division Sheema Municipality sought medical attention on account of her pregnancy at Kabwohe Health Center IV. The physician requested for an HIV test. Samples were taken and they came back positive but this was a wrong positive. She was started on septrin and soon after ARVs, for six years and there after, proven that she was negative for all this time, a nightmare she explains up to now.

She gives thanks to EPHWOR for the continued support and pursuit of her case against Sheema Municipality and Kabwohe Health Center IV for the medical negligence that was exhibited even after her CD4 count was countless times normal, per proceeding tests. She was removed from septrin to ARVs. See her story below:

Kiconcos’ journey

Kiconco faridah case

Kiconco Farida vs Sheema Municipality and Kabwohe Health Center IV case to resume om the 6th November 2019. See pdf below ;

Mbarara Municipality appreciates EPHWOR for the good work

Mbarara Municipal council thanks EPHWOR for the tremendous work done in the areas of Human Rights, Advocacy and Awareness to Health Workers and Patients of Mbarara Municipality.

Letter of thanks to EPHWOR, from Mbarara Municipal Council

EPHWOR receives compliments from its’ beneficiaries

Ms kebirungiTumwiine, councilor kakyerere appreciates EPHWOR for equipping her with knowledge about family planning, that she didn’t know earlier and is ready to transfer the knowledge fellow women in her area leadership.

EPHWOR featured on TV West for its impeccable work in Western Uganda.

EPHWOR, under the Stand Tall against Patients and Women Rights Violation project in western Uganda, moved around the districts of Sheema, Ibanda, Bushenyi and Mbarara. The team headed by our Medical Legal consultant Dr Amon Aruho Kategaya ,carried out various trainings educating women about their social and reproductive health rights.