Ministry of Health Press release on Falsified Hepatitis B Vaccine.

Sometime in March, Ugandans were disturbed by the adverse side effects that would arise as a result of the falsified Hepatitis B vaccine that was being administered in many health facilities.
Enforcement of Patients and Health Workers’ Rights(EPHWOR) petitioned NDA and ministry of health of the medical-legal implication and violation of patients rights.

We appreciate the efforts of the ministry of health and the declaration that the vaccine was safe and testing it from the best labs , we are however disturbed by the finding that it was government drugs and had been sold to the private health facilities.
We denounce this act of stealing government drugs for the benefit of a few individuals at the expense of Ugandans, we pledge to continue advocating and enforcing against these selfish acts that violate rights of patients clearly stipulated in our laws and international instruments that Uganda ratified to.