Kabiito V Attoney General and 2 others (civil suit)

Some time in march 2011 Katushabe Elizabeth a nursing assistant went into labor at Fort Portal Regional Referral hospital, due to negligence of health workers, she did not make it.

Mr kabiito the husband to the deceased with his legal team of Kahwa, Kafuzi and Bwiruka company Advocates teamed with the medical legal team of EPHWOR for final submissions of prosecuting the case.

EPHWOR applauds the judiciary for their activism and independence. Though we lost Ms katushabe Elizabeth, the husband and other beneficiaries will be compensated 1.5B Uganda shilling.

This is a land mark decision and a lesson to health workers who are always negligent to mothers in labor.https://ulii.org/ug/judgment/hc-civil-division-uganda/2019/197