EPHWOR Petitions the Ministry of Health over the continued detention of Female Patients in Health Facilities

There has been continuous and rampant detention of female patients in health facilities for failure to pay accrued bills.

Women especially those who are pregnant are more affected by this illegal practice. Despite the law providing otherwise, the government has not come up to address this.

Lately, there is a painful story of Caroline Nassaka aged 23 who had been raped and she became pregnant. She endured the nine months pregnancy because the Ugandan law criminalizes abortion. She lost her baby at the hospital immediately after delivery. In the heat of the pain, she was detained at this health facility for 3 months.

EPHWOR has petitioned the ministry of health Uganda to immediately address this practice because it is affecting the health seeking behaviour of the poor and marginalized women who are not in gainful employment. 

We appreciate the support of Global Fund for Women that has enabled us to sustain the struggle of addressing women rights violations in Uganda.

You can read more about this story which has attracted media attention in the link below.

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See the petition below

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