EPHWOR Executive

Lanyero Sharon – Team Leader and Board Secretary

Ms. Sharon Lanyero is a lawyer by profession who pursued the health laws in Uganda among others while at school of law. Having pursued and understood the health laws in Uganda, she developed a passion to promote and enforce the right to health in her society.  She has a great understanding of the laws, experience in the judicial systems and deep analysis of the health sector in Uganda.

Peace Kebirungi –Finance Officer

She has a wide experience as a banker and Finance Officer, Kebirungi studied secretarial studies and development studies and also holds a masters in business administration. She is also a student of International Relations and Diplomatic studies. 

Kamakune Beatrice – communication Officer

A journalist that loves telling countless stories with immeasurable passion to develop, market and build brands that thrive in different markets.She is articulate, confident and relishes challenges.She will accomplish almost anything excellently that she has set her heart and mind to.

Charles Odongtho – Advocacy Officer

A seasoned professional journalist and expert in communication with several years of experience. He is a graduate of mass communication – Makerere University, a lawyer from Makerere University law school and has trained in the USA, Netherlands, Ethiopia and Kenya. He is a shrewd, passionate and versatile advocate for justice and equitable opportunity for all.

Aruho Amon Kategaya-Medical and Reproductive Health Consultant

Aruho Amon Kategaya is a trained Dentist and lawyer from Makerere University. Currently, he holds a Masters in Medical law of the University of Kwazulu Natal/University of Melbourne and is a P.H.D candidate of medical law at the same University. He has worked with the Government of Uganda as a dentist with Kitagata Hospital, Mbarara Hospital, Ibanda Hospital and Naguru Hospital and with Kasasa and Co Advocates as a lawyer. His area of interests and specialization is Medical law. He has been in courts of law to enforce various rights of women and patients. Coupled with this, he has moved through Health Institutions to teach students, patients rights as per the Ugandan law. He has also been at the forefront of popularizing the patients Charter and has been part of the team that is ensuring, that Patients Rights’ and Responsibility bill that’s before parliament passes into law.

Birungi Patience – IT Specialist

Patience is an IT enthusiasts that has passion for IT related solutions in helping the country to be a better place with equality realized mainly in the context of women and young girls that are marginalized. Recently she has been working on the development of an Application to help in language translation to help urban refugees access health and security services without language barrier challenges coming in the way.

Mwiine Gastone – Resource Mobilizer, Volunteer

Gastone Mwiine has over 6 years’ professional and volunteer experience in ICT and community development in Uganda. His strong competencies are ICT, social marketing, website design and improvement, digital tools such as video, blogging and storytelling. He has acquired most of his  University education through  E-learning, the latest being – Computer Science from Harvard University , Systems Administration from Colorado University – USA,  Grant Writing and Crowd Funding from Michigan University, Project Planning and Management from Michigan University among others. He also holds a diploma in Business Studies from Kyambogo University – Uganda   He has experience working as a UN Online Volunteer, where he has participated in various Crowdfunding campaigns for Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Health Rights among many others.He has worked with Interaid Uganda -(UNHCR Agency) in Uganda as a Resource Mobilization Specialist, and has experience working in refugee context. The aspects of his past experiences are  unbeatable.

Natuha Niciria – Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Trainer

Niciria s a nurse by profession,passionate about changing lives and communities in regards to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights training, loves her job and is not afraid to go to the field neither in getting her hand s dirty.