Ending Child Marriage in Uganda

Uganda has the 16th highest prevalence rate of child marriage in the world and the tenth highest absolute number of child brides globally. This majorly due to cultural practices and norms that view the girl child as a source of wealth through bride price offering and poverty. Many girls in marginalized communities are forced to marry with acclaim that the money given will be used to carter for their young siblings because of the persistent poverty levels in marginalized communities. EPHWOR is not blind to this and has launched campaigns in regards to the issue especially in kiruhura, a district reported to have the highest number of child marriage cases. We advocate for girl child education and empowerment of young girls and women to say no and fight for their rights. Escaping child marriage is not easy in such communities but with equipped girls and women this could be an added plus for ending child marriage. The biggest challenge faced in this bid is changing the community perspectives but this we believe can be dealt with through use of community based approaches, creating awareness and involving of the communities.