EPHWOR enforces the rights of Women and patients amidst COVID-19

In the wake of COVID-19, EPHWOR has continued to advocate and enforce health rights of women and patients. TV West gives a snippet of our medical legal consultant emphasizing that security operatives should desist from reading details of patients medical records at the road blocks more so for HIV patients hence violating their rights to privacy and confidentiality as enshrined in the Patients Charter and other laws of Uganda.

How EPHWOR is skilling Teen mothers in Uganda

TV west captured the official Launch of EPHWOR’s Kashari Breath Again Skilling institute (KABASI) located in Kakyerere Rwayamahembe town council. The launch was graced by the Chairperson Pro Afrika Foundation Mr Maarten Manders, Partners, Local leaders, Parents and students of the institute. Students upon completion of the course will be able to get a certificate from Directorate of Industrial Training(DIT) …

How EPHWOR’s Gamba Nanye app helps Adolescent Girls and Young Women to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

EPHWOR last year launched an app called Gamba Nanye that bridges communication gap between Adolescent girls and Young women(AGYW) seeking family planning services at Health Facillities.The app translates English to Runyakole and Vice versa in both voice and text. By use of Text translation the app helps the deaf also seek family planning services.TV west highlights how the app has …

EPHWOR Petitions the Ministry of Health over the continued detention of Female Patients in Health Facilities

EPHWOR supported by its Strategic partners has Petitioned the Ministry of Health over the continued detention of Patients in Health Facilities, this practice contravenes the constitution, Several Acts of Parliament, International law that Uganda has ratified and the Patients charter.
If the ministry doesn’t adress this matter as soon as possible EPHWOR will Pursue a public interest suit against Government.

EPHWOR 2019-2020 Program Highlights

. In the period, September 2019 to July 2020, EPHWOR reached 800 women, 2000 in and out of school youth including girls and 100 men (direct beneficiaries). EPHWOR also made great strides in involving men in all SRHR activities to win their support in promoting and advocating for reproductive health rights and services.