About Us

Enforcement of Patients and Health Workers’ Rights (EPHWOR) is a non-governmental organisation and a non-profit Human Rights enforcement organisation established in 2017 duly registered with the NGO board and NGO forum with Reg NO. INDR13829939, Permit No.INDP000939NB. EPHWOR is actively involved in programs geared towards enforcement and advocacy of women rights, patients rights, health workers’ rights and sexual reproductive health and rights in rural and urban areas of Uganda.

EPHWOR is focused on its thematic areas of Advocacy, Education and Enforcement of Patients and Health Workers Rights, Women Rights and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights.

Why we exist?

EPHWOR is here to advocate and enforce for the realization of patients and health workers rights, women rights, sexual reproductive health and rights, enforce implementation of the local/international policies/laws on health, lobby donors funds locally and internationally to help women , patients and empower health workers serve better as we challenge both government and lawmakers to respect the rights to health as a basis of human dignity.

Our history

Enforcement of Patients and Health Workers Rights was founded in 2015 but became duly registered in 2018. It was founded by a group of young lawyers and health workers who had realized the continued violation of patients’ rights more so the vulnerable women patients whose health rights were continuously violated. This coalition of young lawyers and health workers through advocacy and enforcement through courts of law believe that the rights of vulnerable women and health workers will be addressed leading to improved health care services.